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Die goldenen Blätter

Die Kuppel des Doms

Die Stimmen in steinerner Halle


Oh, Dein Wort!

Auf die Erde

Glänzender Kuss der Salbung

Dir tanzen Docht und Vertebrae


HESYCHIA (ἡσυχία, silence, tranquility) was founded by Arthur Rosar and established with the debut album Metanoia on the reputable label Cyclic Law. 2020 a conceptualy dense split  with NAHTRUNAR was released. It featured a song derived of material recorded between 1998 and 2019 with music arguably more dark and dynamic than Metanoia.

On the latest release "Thron" Hesychia meditates on man's relationship to the divine, Adam's nature and the need to worship. The album contains sometimes calm, sometimes terrifying neoclassical music with a few industrial encounters.

Inspiration is drawn from holy texts, Arvo Pärt, Éliane Radigue and Giacinto Scelsi.


Metanoina CD (Cyclic Law)

Nahtrunar/Hesychia Split CD&LP (Altare Productions)

Thron (Symbolismus Werke/Altare Productions)

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